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Alexandr Leptukh

Русская версия

I am glad to meet you! My name is Alexandr Leptukh. I was born on the 7-th of October in 1964 in the glorious city of Leningrad.

I was interested in electronics from the young years, and, after finishing school, joined the Technical cybernetics faculty of The Leningrad Polytechnic institute named after Kalinin. graduated from the institute in 1987, my specialization was "Information and measuring techniques". Then I joined the All-Union research institute of electrical measuring instruments.

Now I am working at "PARC-CENTRE" Ltd. ("Programming, Automation, Research, Construction"). We are involved in the development and manufacturing of measuring systems, instruments and other similar equipment for our industry.

Unfortunately, I have very little free time, but my hobbies are learning music, reading new mail and building at the my country cottage.

Sorry... That is all about my modest self. Yes, I love to receive letters, so write to me - on leptukh@mail.ru or leptukh@yandex.ru